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5 Safe Things to Do in Franklin

There’s no skirting around the subject. COVID is just a party pooper.

As idyllic as our Franklin is, we too have been affected greatly. Our kids are starting school virtually, we are working from home right alongside them (if we are fortunate enough), and there seems to be nothing outside of our homes to do, or anywhere to go. Alas! This is not true! We have come up with several safe things to do. If you have any other suggestions please share it with us in the comment section below...we live for comments!

With all the precautions being taken, here are some great—and most importantly, safe—things to do.



Get outdoors with the City of Franklin’s greenways and trails. Be sure to bring a mask and stay at least 6-feet away from anyone else on the trails. A big reason we love living in Franklin is due to all the lush greenery and outdoor spaces. I know it’s hard to see from your air-conditioned car, but there are trails all over the place. So get out and explore the natural side of our city, your sedentary legs will thank you.

Williamson County and Recreation also have a great many parks and trails for use, check out the list here.



Did you know you can take a free history tour of Downtown Franklin?! How cool is that?! Well, it is a self-guided walking tour, so be sure to tip yourself at the end of it. Safely venture out to see and learn about Franklin’s interesting homes, churches, and landmarks significant to our town’s history.

Pick up a free brochure at the Williamson County Visitor Center, or go to their website and they’ll safely mail you one! 400 Main St. Suite 130 in downtown Franklin or call 866.253.9207.



Leave Franklin?! Gasp! Yes, do it this once! Go and find as many murals in Nashville as possible. Murals can be found everywhere and tucked away in some cool random places. Head to Instagram and follow the hashtag #nashvillemurals and go exploring! Our favorite IG account to follow is @muraltoursnashville

Once COVID is a thing of the past, you should book a tour with Mural Tours Nashville. Don’t forget your camera though (uh, phone) Maybe you too will become and the next social media influencer with all your Nashville mural posts...ya never know!



When all else fails, just order some local goodies and gobble down your isolation! Food is the way to the heart, plus you'll be supporting some local businesses that we definitely don't want to close.

Some of our favorite places that just never disappoint are:

Triple Crown Bakery

Order a mixed box of goodies and safely pick them up to-go. Their eclectic array of gourmet pastries are always baked fresh, like pavlova, macarons, mini-tarts, and cookies. Your eyes and tummy will love you forever.

Ice Point Cafe

Order anything on their menu, sushi, poke bowls, etc. But be sure to order the Bulgogi fries, you can thank me later. Owner Joe is the sweetest guy ever and remembers every one of his customers. He is creating some authentic and delicious Asian dishes that fill a void here in Franklin. Oh, and did I mention they have BOBA?! (If you haven’t tried it, I’m sorry my friend)

Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop

I’m proud to say that I’ve turned everyone in my circle of influence into Buttermilk Sky addicts, neighbors, teachers, friends, you are welcome. Start with everyone’s favorite, the classic buttermilk pie with the buttery shortbread crust...heaven in your mouth. If you can’t decide which pie to get? Order a mini pie of each. Why not? They even have a pie truck that is rumored to wander Franklin! Keep your eyes peeled. Buttermilk pie, get it.



Literature, that is. Franklin is home to many notable authors, and our community just is a beacon of light for us avid readers. For the kiddos, our Williamson County Libraries (there are a few) have put together themed book packets to pick up and read safely at home. They often have great book sales too!

Or reach out to our local bibliophile treasure, Landmark Booksellers. Located in one of the oldest buildings in Franklin, their business was almost lost due to COVID, but thanks to local author Karen Kingsbury, funds were raised practically overnight to save this treasure. It also helps that Karen Kingsbury wrote one of her best-sellers based on Landmark Booksellers, The Bridge (also a Hallmark movie).

Want to read more Franklin-based authors/books and support small business?

The Widow of the South - by local historian Robert Hicks

A Murder in Music City - by Michael Bishop

If we all get a little creative and care enough to stay distanced, we can beat COVID, Franklin. I know we can. We are a community that cares for one another. Historically, we come together in times of crisis, let’s continue doing so. In the meantime, don’t let yourself get bored and sad. Just look around live in the most wonderful place, Franklin, Tennessee. Much love to you all! Stay safe Franklin.



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