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A Chill in The Air

Oh, the monotony! Every day the old same blah. We are so ready for something new.

We are tired of the political news, the pandemic news, the drunk weather news (two tornado warnings in a week Tennessee?! Really?). We are just tired of being tired of everything. Dragging our feet, plastering on “everything is fine” permagrins, asking our kids one more time, “aren’t you supposed to be in a zoom class?” Lord help us!

Just when we thought we were going to implode and sent off to the looney bin, something miraculous has happened. The humidity subsided a smidge and a chill tiptoed silently into the wind. Could it be? Dare we put hope in our hearts that autumn could be near? We say with a resounding, “Yes! Let us hope!”

If there is one thing that never disappoints in Franklin, it is autumn. Franklin embraces autumn like a mother hugs a sad child, tenderly and with patience. Already, neighbors have started to ask around for where is the best place is to buy a cord or a rick of wood for the firepit. (We have our own personal wood lady who delivers...everyone should have a wood lady)

Nurseries and garden centers are already displaying long stretches of potted mums in every autumn color to decorate numerous porches in Franklin. Soon, corn stalks and bales of hay will be purchased. The corn stalks representing the autumn harvest time and the hay...well, so suburbanites can feel like they live in a barn? We don’t really know, but we like it just the same.

Just like clockwork, Mother Nature has supplied local farmer’s with abundant gourds of every shape, size, and color to display at the farmer’s market. Our own vegetable gardens are sending out one last push of herbs and peppers, and a straggling of tomatoes. There are signs all around us murmuring “it is time for summer to cease.”

Soon, flannels, boots, and sleeveless puffy vests will don nearly every person in Middle Tennessee (Franklin is no exception) and everyone will carry around autumn’s most essential accessory, a thermal tumbler of coffee or (gasp!) a hot pumpkin-spiced drink parading itself as a wannabe coffee cousin. That’s all right, we won’t judge. Everything will be as it should, just as long as autumn arrives in a resplendent sigh; reminding us that there are definitely wonderful things to look forward to here in our dear old Franklin.

What are you looking forward to this autumn?

Share your ideas and tips for enjoying this season below!

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