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Franklin, TN Voted Best Town

Voted: South’s Best Small Towns 2020

Franklin Makes #4!

It’s really no surprise that Franklin made number four in a list of the South’s Best Small Towns for 2020. Franklin is a place you want to not only visit but stay in forever. It offers an idyllic downtown with a strong goal of historic preservation. Franklin is also still growing leaps and bounds, it has that attractive energy of what is yet to come. No matter how we came to be here, we are confident that Franklin is the best place to live.

Southern Living said, “Just south of Nashville is a picturesque but sophisticated town filled with shops and restaurants and plenty of porches for sitting and chatting. Don’t miss Main Street, where you’ll find the Art Deco-style Franklin Theatre that was built in 1937. New to Franklin is the luxury Harpeth Hotel, a boutique property on the Harpeth River.”

Fairhope, Alabama made number three.

Beaufort, South Carolina made number two.

Williamsburg, Virginia made number one.

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