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IZZY'S Grand Opening in Franklin

A New Restaurant in Downtown Franklin

Have you ever daydreamed, “One day I will open my own restaurant?” Perhaps not. I have for sure. When my scratch-made bread is spot on inspirational and the dinner I prepare surpasses restaurant quality, I imagine my small ten-top restaurant (10 tables for you non-industry folks). Then, as I recall the hectic pace of my husband’s restaurant life, I become overwhelmed...maybe in another life.

In our Pandemic Era, many restaurant doors are closing for good. Yet, we are starting to see a collection of small restaurants living out their ambitions, giving us dreamers hope.

Izzy’s will be opening their doors on October 8th. The restauranteurs, these dreamers, are close friends of mine, a connection going back almost 13 years in Vegas. Owners Brad, Jo, and Harland all hailed from the glamorous, bright lights of the mega-casinos in Las Vegas. Anyone who has enjoyed Vegas will know, the food is top-notch and the service is always even better. We aren’t talking about buffets and yardsticks of neon margarita syrup but the high-end fine-dining of Payard, Bradley Ogden, Guy Savoy, and Jose Andres.

The first time I met Brad and Jo was at their Christmas party. It was clear right off the bat that hospitality was their natural gift. No one can throw a party like Brad and Jo, they go all out. Top-notch food, top-notch fun. Here we are again, all living in Franklin, Tennessee.

Due to COVID layoffs and furloughs, Brad, Jo and their close family friend Harland decided now was the best time to pursue their dreams of opening a restaurant. I am so happy they are, Franklin is in for a treat.

a plate of fries smothered in lobster
IZZY'S Loaded Lobster Fries

Izzy’s motto is “Feel Good Food.” Together with UT culinary graduate Chef Tara, the team developed a delicious menu of some delectable offerings. I was fortunate to be around during one of their menu tastings and I am so excited for the rest of Franklin to try it as well.

The spot that was once Joe’s BBQ, has been put under a full renovation of love inside and out. What was once a typical dark barbeque joint has morphed into a bright, warm, and family-friendly restaurant. There’s a chic marble-top bar where you can enjoy 12 beers on tap (and they hope to serve cocktails in the near future), outdoor patio seating with cafe lights strung overhead, and plenty of custom-made reclaimed wood dining tables inside. Even the bathrooms have been given a total facelift….and they’re so cute!! Even the whole kitchen was gutted and all new equipment was brought in.

The Izzy’s team is adamant about supporting other local vendors and artists. From the signature plant wall outside created by the local husband and wife team at, to the newly built stage for local performers, Izzy’s will embrace all that we truly love about Franklin.

Featured in the name and logo is Izzy. Izzy is Jo and Brad’s 13-year-old daughter and she is quite a talented young lady. Before COVID she was performing at local open-mics and since they all love live entertainment they wanted a place for other young locals, musical artists, and performers to share their talent with the community. There’s even a chance that a karaoke night might come to fruition someday.

When I spoke to Jo after they signed the lease, she was so excited to open a place in Franklin, as she put it, “Where families can come together after a soccer game and get good food, or couples can come to watch the World Cup or the Preds play and get a drink and some awesome bar food. A place for everyone.”

The menu features something for everyone, lobster loaded fries, pulled pork tacos, seared ahi tuna salad, lemon ricotta donuts, and a few vegan dishes too! There is even a kids' menu called Bubba’s Bites (named for Izzy’s little brother Varick).

I hope you’ll help me to welcome Izzy’s Feel Good Food to our community. This family-run, community-based establishment will hopefully be around for years to come. Bon Appetit Franklin!









Due to COVID restrictions, it would be a great idea to make reservations ahead of time to ensure seating. You can do that on their website.

If you are interested in being featured on their stage, email

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